Get Connected

Here at Logansport, we have several ways for you to meet and get connected to friends.  You may peruse the items below to see how you can get know more people here and develop new friendships; long lasting friendships.


      LIFE Groups

LIFE (Lives Influenced / Families Encouraged) Groups or "cell groups"  are created to help families who enjoy learning more about Jesus; plus have the benefits of gaining life long friendships with those in the group.  These groups can influence you in many ways:

     They provide support when life does not seem to be going well.

      They provide encouragement to finish the race that is set before you.

      They provide prayer support for you when you need it.

      They provide you with accountability.

      They will always be there for you night or day.

To find out more about this type of ministry, contact Pastor Aaron at

 Pastor's Blog

Balance: Adding Stability to Life

Find out what is going on in the mind of your pastor. This Blog is designed to address current issues, share thoughts from past and future sermons, and to pass on information that just doesn't seem to fit any place else.




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